Title Now


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With over 10 years of experience in Transaction Coordination, our expertise includes handling many types of Real Estate Transactions, making us a great resource for your clients, transactions and most importantly YOUR business!
Our passion is in the sale…the closing, which is what we bring to the table. With great knowledge of contracts and communication skills, organizational ability, trouble shooting and problem solving capabilities, we are ready to take your transactions!
We want to make you, the agent, feel comfortable that your transactions are being handled with impeccable detail and communication. That is our goal, so that you can be out in the field building your business and accumulating more sales!
It is our intention to facilitate smooth effortless transactions for all involved. With Title Now on YOUR team you can rest assure that our experience will carry you through any scenario and reach the desired end result… Closings.


  • Contact all parties involved including title company, lender, other agent, seller and buyer.
  • Give full introduction, contract information, and copy of the contract to all parties.
  • Follow up with parties throughout the process.
Review contract and send an email out all parties involved with the timelines the contract calls for.
  • Follow up on required signatures on Seller’s Disclosures and Amendments and send to Title Company.
  • Manage all due dates in the contract.
  • Schedule all inspections that are required per purchase contract.
  • Follow up on home inspection and make sure any agreed upon repairs are done.
  • Remind client when option period ends.
  • Obtain existing or new survey by due date (if applicable).
  • Confirm loan application has been made and follow up with Mortgage Company on loan commitment.
  • Confirm lender has order appraisal.
  • Confirm title is ordered and clear title is obtained.
  • Confirm Home Warranty and insurance have been ordered.
  • Confirm with HOA or condo association all maintenance fees, pending assessments and any approval process.
  • Make sure buyer receives HOA application according to contract.
  • Provide utility information for buyer from seller.
  • Confirm walk through arrangements have been made with all parties.
  • Set and/or confirm time and date of closing.
  • Request a preliminary HUD statement along with dollar amount needed for closing.