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Commercial Closings

Allow us to walk you through a commercial closing step by step, from contract to title through closing.

Cyber Fraud and the Real Estate

Explore current and past cyber fraud issues related to closings and real estate transactions. We’ll delve into types of cyber fraud, current examples, tips, and tools to help prevent it from happening to you.

Elder Financial Abuse

Learn the different forms of financial abuse of the elderly, how to spot red flags and what to do if you recognize this type of abuse.


Learn about the process and regulations in dealing with the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA). We’ll also discuss reviewing the FIRPTA clauses in the FR/BAR contract and how to deal with FIRPTA
with your clients.

Foreclosure & REO

Review of the foreclosure process in Florida from the default to the sale of the property at REO. We will discuss the issues during the process that can cause delays in closing.

The FR/BAR Contract and the

Navigate the sections of the FR/BAR contract that impact the closing like a pro! We’ll explore the different requirements and relate them to the closing agent, realtor, and lender sides of the transaction. We’ll also touch on issues related to title insurance conflicts and claims resulting from the contract and the closing process.

Hot Spots of the FR/BAR Residential & AS IS

Discussion of the hot spots of both the standard and the AS IS contract. We will review the differences between the two contracts, inspections, repairs, the timelines, and much more!

Liens, Liens, Liens

Everything you ever wanted to know about liens that affect real property and could delay a closing. We will review a wide variety of liens including code enforcement, municipal and PACE liens.

Multi-Generational Sales

Learn how to market to every generation: from the Silent Generation to Millennials and everyone in between. What motivates each group into buying and selling? What are their expectations? Find out in this one hour course.

New Realtor Title Training

Review the purpose of title insurance and what a title company does to help you have a successful closing from the listing appointment all the way to the closing itself. We’ll discuss the information to review, gather, and educate the client on. We’ll also relate the process to the timeline created within the contract.

Probate and Real Estate

General overview of probate in Florida, how it affects real estate and the issues that may need to be resolved prior to closing.

Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Exploring various social media platforms and how to use them to increase your business.

Survey – Do You Really Need One? – NEW!

Learn how the survey relates to the contract, the closing, and the title insurance. Learn how to review a survey and recognize common issues and encroachments and how to deal with them.

Taking Care of Customers for Life – Growing Your Business

Learn how to take care of your customers at the highest level of service throughout the transaction and beyond. You’ll receive tips and ideas from top producing agents on how to grow your business throughout your real estate career.

Taking Title

Exploring the various types of tenancies from individuals to LLCs and more. We will review how your Seller holds title and issues that may need to be resolved prior to closing.

What is a Title Commitment and What Do I Do With It?

Discover how the title commitment relates to the closing and the contract. You’ll walk away understanding how to read all components of a commitment, as well as how to deal with title defects and other requirements that need to be cleared before closing.

FROM CONTRACT TO COMMISSION- The Basic Course (0007013)

This seminar discusses the evolution of title insurance as well as the importance of obtaining an owner’s title insurance policy and the protections provided; describes the parts of a title insurance commitment; explains what to do with parties who are absent for the closing; reviews the costs that appear on the settlement statement. (3 hours)